KFC’s Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger is cheesy indulgence

Available from 13 February 2019, KFC’s new Mac ‘N Cheese Zinger is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Lovers of mac ‘n cheese (and we know there are a lot of you out there) will definitely love KFC’s new Zinger. It’s cheesy goodness and indulgence that will leave you full and satisfied for hours!

It looks delicious in real life!

Two patties (made out of Mac ‘N Cheese!) replace the traditional bun, and are fried to crispy perfection. They are crisp on the outside, but full of that mac ‘n cheese goodness on the inside. The pasta retains its texture and is delightful.

The elbow macaroni pasta sealed up within that crispy shell.

Sandwiched in between the patties is KFC’s signature fried chicken fillet, crispy turkey bacon, lettuce (to balance out the richness of the burger) and drizzled with decadent cheese sauce.

The Zinger fillet is very tasty and fried well. It has that signature kick that we keep going back to KFC for. The cheese sauce is reminiscent of the much-beloved nacho cheese, and together with the turkey bacon, adds a significant saltiness to the burger. If you’re craving cheese and something salty, this is it.

The sets you can order will leave you full and happy for sure (beware of food coma!)

Biting into the burger, you will experience a delightfully cheesy mess, with a crunch to die for and salty, peppery, cheesy indulgence exploding in your mouth.

So if you’re craving mac ‘n cheese, or KFC’s signature Zinger chicken, this burger has it all. Truly finger-lickin’ good!

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