How is cheese tea made?

Popular Chinese bubble tea chain Hey Tea claims to be the original inventor of the famed drink. Although there are some who might be confused and wrinkle their nose at the concoction, it has drawn many fans as well.

The queue at their Ion Orchard store can sometimes take up to two hours, with Singaporeans having to wait at another part of the mall because the line is just too long!

According to Zhou Meiqi, a manager of one of Hey Tea’s Chinese branches, says, “We look for a cheese that isn’t too sour or too salty, so we choose one with a lighter flavour. The cheese blend we make is thicker and richer, so when layered on top, it doesn’t mix with the tea. The taste is full-bodied, smooth, and aromatic, and the aftertaste is very sweet.”

The distinctive interior of the Hey Tea store. Photo: Daniel Food Diary

In a video by Channel NewsAsia, it was revealed that the company uses tea leaves from Taiwan and cream cheese from New Zealand. The fruit teas are blended with real, fresh fruits. For obvious reasons, the recipe is a secret, but it does involve natural rock sugar and some magical process that makes the cheese sweet and frothy.

If cheese tea isn’t adventurous enough for you, you can even try try their salted egg ice cream!

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