Woman throws puppy after pet shop owner didn’t give her a refund

A woman in South Korea allegedly flung a three-month-old puppy during an argument with a pet shop owner.

Upon taking the puppy home, she discovered that the dog was eating its own feces, which led her to believe that she had been deceived by the pet shop owner about the pup’s health. In reality, this is actually normal behaviour among puppies. The pet shop owner refused to give her a refund, after which she made her way down to the shop to demand for one. During that exchange, she threw the puppy in anger.

The puppy unfortunately died the next day.

A video of the incident, posted by Yonhap News.

In a phone interview with Yonhap News, the woman explained, “The owner said he could give me a refund but he didn’t want to because he was upset (with me), so I threw it out of anger. I didn’t know it would actually die.”

She continued, The next day, I calmed down and I sent a lengthy text message, apologizing to the owner and the puppy. I was shocked to hear the puppy has died. I’m very apologetic to the puppy and I’m regretful of my actions. I don’t think I could forgive myself. I admit I’ve done something worthy of criticism. I don’t want to blow things up anymore. I will reflect on my actions for the rest of my life and will volunteer at stray dog shelters.”

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