Woman finds mould growing on the walls of her brand-new HDB flat

There’s no feeling like getting the keys to your spanking-new HDB flat.

Breathing in the smell of home ownership. New cabinets. Shiny new floors. And- mould on the wall?

Less than a month after receiving the keys to her brand-new flat, Facebook user Newme Joyce found an unpleasant surprise waiting for her.

Although she had not yet commenced renovations and left the apartment untouched, mould nonetheless began growing on her walls in a spotty pattern.

All photos: Newme Joyce Facebook

The flat is reportedly a Tampines BTO.

Her post went viral and garnered 2.3k shares on Facebook. 637 netizens commented.

Some gave her advice:

Some commentors advised her to take note as it was potentially a health hazard:

On the other hand, some people made light of the situation:

HDB’s response:

“HDB received feedback from the resident over the weekend. Our investigation of the flat this morning indicated that the mould was likely caused by the wall coming into excessive contact with water during the washing of the flat. If the windows are kept closed before the floor and wall can dry properly, the damp condition could promote the growth of mould.
We will be meeting the resident to discuss how best to remove the mould from the walls. If necessary, we will arrange for the building contractor to replace the affected dry walls on a goodwill basis.
We have not received similar feedback from other residents in the precinct. To keep the walls in good condition, residents are advised not to wash dry walls with excessive water, and to use a damp cloth to remove any dirt and stains instead. For good ventilation, they should keep their windows open after washing the floors.”

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