This cuddly soft toy helpes to soothe pain and relieve stress

Having trouble falling asleep? Staying awake due to stress?

This cuddly soft toy might help.

It’s a great companion to help young children above the age of 3 to relax and fall asleep…And adults too!

Each stuffed toy is stuffed with flaxseed and dried French lavender. You can heat it up by microwaving it, releasing the aromatic scents of the dried French lavender inside. It’s aromatherapy and fluffy cuteness all rolled into one, and can help with de-stressing.

They come in numerous designs, from sloths to unicorns and bears.

Intelex Warmies states their plush toys can help to relieve stress, hypertension, arthritis pain, headaches, sinus pressure, menstrual cramps, colic, flu, tendonitis, and muscle aches. Many people with autism and sensory processing disorders can gain comfort from the toys as well.

So if you know anybody that might need one (yourself included), consider getting one as you get both utility and cuddly cuteness at a decent price!

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