The slight haze and burning smell should improve soon, according to NEA

Earlier this month, many reported slight haze and a burning smell tainting the air quality in Singapore. The smell was reported from areas such as Bukit Panjang, Punggol, Bishan, Serangoon, Yishun and Aljunied.

The source was confirmed to be 3 hotspots in Johor, along with northeastern winds blowing the smoke in our direction (just our luck).

NEA said in a statement on Thursday (Mar 28) that with Southern Johor having hot, dry weather due to the dry phase of the north-east monsoon, a number of hotspots with smoke plumes in the area have resulted in an “intermittent burning smell” in many parts of Singapore over the past few weeks.

Nobody likes the haze, but things are looking up.

However, inter-monsoon conditions (aka more rain!!!) are expected in early April, and this should help to reduce the occurrence of the burning smell, it added.

The Pollution Standards Index (PSI) across Singapore has maintained at 52 to 67 since 11pm on Wednesday, which is in the Moderate range. As such, it’s still safe for us to carry on with our usual activities.

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