Starbucks’ largest store in Bali has a coffee farm

Coffee lovers and Starbucks fans, consider paying a visit on your next vacation to Bali.

On January 12, the world’s largest coffee chain opened the Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary in Bali, its largest store in Southeast Asia. Starbucks said in a statement that the new store in Seminyak pays tribute to the coffee culture in Indonesia (the fourth largest Arabica coffee growing region in the world). Since 1971, Sumatra coffee has been a staple offering at Starbucks Indonesia, it added.

Photo credits to Starbucks

The interior was designed in collaboration with local craftspeople and takes inspiration from local Balinese influences. Here are some pictures:

Visitors are greeted with this hand-carved mural, which depicts the history of coffee in Indonesia. Starbucks
Visitors can join a guided tour to see how coffee beans are washed and de-pulped.
Visitors can also experience the process of washing, drying, and raking green coffee beans. Starbucks
The tasting room, with beautiful wooden interiors and ample natural lighting. Visitors can enjoy a fresh cup of unfiltered coffee here. Starbucks

There’s even a farm, which is supposedly the size of a typical Indonesian farm.

The Arabica coffee tree farm. Starbucks

In addition to these facilities, Starbucks is introducing new items to the menu there. Examples include the Nutella Banana Panini, Milk Pie, and Indonesian Fresh Salad.

The new menu offerings. Starbucks

There are also new drinks that you can try, such as the Lavender Latte, House Affogato and Origin Flight. According to the Dewata Bali menu on its website, the Lavender Latte has a “balance of flowery aftertaste with a rich reserve espresso and smooth milk with a candy-like finish”, the House Affogato contains “two shots of our Reserve espresso and Demerara syrup poured over vanilla ice cream and finished with a dusting of cinnamon”, and the Origin Flight consists of three cups of Starbucks Reserve Coffee brewed with the “Pour Over brewing method”. (See the rest of the menu here)

The Bali store is “a destination showcasing our elevated Starbucks Reserve coffee and retail experience,” said CEO Kevin Johnson in a statement, calling it another of Starbucks’ “sensory-filled experiences.”

The company anticipates that the Bali location, which will employ 100 people and be the largest Starbucks store in Southeast Asia, will draw a lot of Asian tourists.

So if you’re heading to Bali any time soon, why not add this to your list of destinations? Coffee lovers, you’ll get a unique experience that you can’t get back home.

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