Spy cameras hidden in screws

You might know about the hidden spy camera issue pervading South Korea, where some nasty individuals put hidden spy cams in places such as changing rooms and toilets to spy on unsuspecting women.

It is frighteningly easy for anybody to be spied upon with teeny-tiny cameras that can be cleverly disguised as ordinary items such as hooks.

In Singapore, it is extremely easy for anyone to get a hold of such items, as they are easily accessible online.

They are available on multiple platforms, from Carousell to Qoo10. On online retailer Shopee, they are on sale for prices as low as $5.94.

A screenshot of the Shopee website.

A seller online promoted it as allowing one to enhance his or her home security, spying on ‘intruders and friends alike’.

These small cameras are capable of filming 480p video.

That is supposedly the original intention of such a device, but the concern is that such a camera could be used for illicit purposes.

In 2017, a Singaporean man was arrested for recording videos of unsuspecting women using the toilet.

If we haven’t stressed this enough, the cameras are really, really, small and easily hidden and/or disguised.

Photo: Mothership/Shopee

So please beware and stay cautious when you are at public restrooms or changing rooms. If you think your door hook could have a camera in it, cover it with a bag or jacket and then report it.

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