S’porean mover applauded for returning $50k in cash

What would you do if you found $50k, forgotten about in a cabinet? Many would want to keep it, but not Jake, a mover with Prestige Moving Services.

This is Mr Jake. One of our best man. We would like to express our gratitude to him for his honesty which not many…

Posted by Prestige – Moving Services on Saturday, 12 January 2019
The original Facebook post, if you’re interested to read it

A customer had mistakenly left behind $50,000 wrapped up in a plastic bag in a cabinet, which was found and immediately returned by Jake. His honesty was quickly praised by his company and netizens alike, who lauded his integrity.

“Honesty is very important in our industry where customer entrust their furniture and belongings to us,” Prestige Movers says in the Facebook post. It continues saying: “Thank you Jake for your honesty and we hope you will be with us for many many years more.”

Seen above are photos with Jake (the man of the moment!) inside, and the details of Prestige Movers, who provide professional relocation services.

Indeed, props to this man for doing the right thing!

In the comments section underneath Prestige Movers’ original post, numerous netizens touched on the issue of stereotypes regarding tattoos.

Netizens took notice of Jake’s tattoos and mentioned that the negative attitudes towards tattooed people are often wrong, saying “We’re all.. living in this judgemental society [who] often [see] inked people as the bad”. Many went on to say that people should not be so quick to jump to conclusions based on outward appearance.

However, one Facebook user summed it up best:

It’s not about his appearance, it’s about the good deed done. Cheers to Jake for his upright action! It’s a thumbs up from us.

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