Singapore is one of the most sleep-deprived cities in the world

Perhaps it comes at no surprise, considering the countless bleary-eyed mornings you’ve suffered, hating to roll out of bed or getting heavy-lidded at work.

Out of 43 cities studied, Singapore comes in at a lovely 3rd most sleep-deprived city in the world, after Seoul and Tokyo. This is according to a report published by Jawbone, the makers of digitized wristband that tracks sleep patterns.

Singaporeans average 6 hours and 32 minutes of sleep a night, beating only Tokyo and Seoul where people average less than six hours. Tokyo is the world’s most sleep-deprived city; residents average of 5 hours and 44 minutes of sleep a night.

Most link Singaporeans’ lack of sleep to the well-established culture of working long hours. The stresses of daily life may intrude upon our ability to sleep well or perhaps, we trade sleep for more work or play.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital article

“Singapore, like many competitive and fast-paced societies have a 24/7 culture of round-the-clock entertainment, services and businesses,” Dr. Lim Li Ling, medical consultant and consultant neurologist at the Singapore Neurology & Sleep Centre at Gleneagles hospital, told CNBC. “High achieving people tend to prioritize maximizing their time and potential by frenetic multitasking, while those struggling to get by might work long hours or in shifts or multiple jobs to make ends meet, or to upgrade their skills.”

It is generally recommended that adults get seven to eight hours of sleep per day.

Please get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to consequences such as lower productivity and poorer memory. Plus, it’s not exactly fun feeling tired all the time. Do take care of yourselves!

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