Ofo’s licence to be cancelled

Chinese bike-sharing operator Ofo is going to be cancelled after it missed the deadline to remove its bikes from public spaces.

According to CNA, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in a statement on Wednesday (Apr 3) that it has issued Ofo with a notice of intention to cancel its licence.

Ofo has 14 days to submit a written representation to keep its licence in Singapore (if it wants to).

If Ofo chooses to leave Singapore for good, that leaves Singaporeans with three bike-sharing apps:

  1. SG Bike (maximum fleet size of 3,000)
  2. Anywheel (maximum fleet size of 10,000)
  3. Moov Technology (maximum fleet size of 1,000)

However, it is highly likely that Ofo chooses not to continue operations in Singapore. The China-based company was reported in February to have pretty much ceased its Singaporean operations.

Former Ofo employees said that Ofo terminated around 10 members of staff from the operations division on Thursday (Jan 31), and there were no officials left to move and maintain its fleet of bicycles on the streets.

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