Nas Daily is moving to Singapore

The popular vlogger and one of Facebook’s most successful video creators has chosen to make the little red dot his home.

Nuseir Yassin, 26-year-old video creator of Palestinian-Israeli, just announced his move to Singapore online.

Essentially, next month he will make the move here, bringing his media company along. After stopping his daily one-minute videos, he set up Nas Daily Media Company to put out weekly (but longer) videos.

After 1,000 days of moving around, it’s time to find a place to call home for us and for my new company. There are many reasons why I chose Singapore over other places. But mainly due to my belief that this part of Asia might be the new America. Singapore is the world’s most expensive city (😱), but I also think it’s the world’s best place for our purposes: to live and to build up the Nas Daily Media Company. We’re moving in April for two months or two years or twenty. Nobody knows. But I do know I want to give this a shot. Thanks for all the support everyone! We don’t take it for granted.

Nas Daily’s explanation behind the decision.
His girlfriend Alyne Tamir, an influencer in her own right, announcing the move as well in an Instagram post.
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@nasdaily are you ready?

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Popular Singaporean page SGAG had a tongue-in-cheek response to the news, warning Nas Daily to brace himself for some of the downsides of living here.

Not everybody’s happy about it…

However, Singaporeans being Singaporeans, some have decided to complain and even attempt to ban him from entering.

Screenshot of the page.

At the time of writing, the petition has garnered 1,000 signatures.

When Nas Daily visited Singapore last year, a controversy emerged as many Singaporeans criticised him for his over-exuberant and excessively positive view of the country.

Many saw him as a government mouthpiece proclaiming Singapore’s perfection, and not diving deeper past Singapore’s surface impression.

Nas Daily later refuted the claims, stating that he “came here by myself, spent my own money, to make my own videos about your country”, Nas added that it is “disheartening to see people discredit my work because of unfounded allegations”. He firmly emphasised that his videos were not made for “any government, company or tourism board”.

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