Lightsaber duelling is now a recognised sport in France

The French Fencing Federation has recognised lightsaber duelling as an official sport, the Associated Press reported.

The federation made this move in the hopes that it would make fencing more attractive to youth as a sport.

This new version of fencing- fought with LED-lit lightsabers- mostly follows traditional fencing rules. For instance, points are awarded depending on where the blade makes contact with the opponent’s body.

However, there are some rule adjustments to improve the aesthetic appeal of the sport. For example, the point of the lightsaber needs to reach behind each fighter before they attempt a hit. The intention is to make fights consist of large sweeping motions rather than the quick stabs of the blade you see in other forms of fencing (more cool-looking and like the Star Wars movies).

A national lightsaber competition drew 34 competitors recently, just outside of Paris. The attendees dressed as Star Wars characters certainly added a new dimension to the whole experience.

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