Influencer draws flak for McDonalds prank

Amos vs Ms is an online Facebook page comprising of couple Amos Ngeow and his girlfriend, Ming Shuang. The duo make a variety of videos on Facebook, from lifestyle to pranks.

However, one of their pranks did not go down so well.

Ordering McDonald's Speaking Chinese

Can you order McDonald's using just Chinese?Enjoy the full video here:

Posted by Amosvsms on Saturday, April 6, 2019

It was a prank where Ming Shuang was only able to order McDonalds in Chinese only, a prospect that she evidently struggled with.

Many netizens were offended by the video, saying that they were being inconsiderate to the customer service personnel.

Others also criticised her ability to speak fluent Chinese.

However, although an inconvenience to the McDonalds staff who tended to them, the staff handled the situation very calmly and professionally, so props to them.

Following the criticism, the couple posted an apology under the same video, saying that they made the video for fun and did not intend to hurt anybody.

Any trouble they caused was unintentional, and hopefully they will grow from this incident and be more considerate in the future.

A Facebook user also pointed out something noteworthy:

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