Hotpot Restaurant in Singapore delivers food to you by train

We’ve all heard of Genki, the popular Japanese chain that delivers food to you by mini trains, but have you heard of a hotpot restaurant doing so?

Shi Shang Lao is a newly-opened hotpot restaurant located in Serangoon. It’s located a short walking distance from Nex, making it pretty convenient for those residing in the Northeast.

You can see the adorable train in action in this video:

Hotpot Train

Hotpot Restaurant in Singapore delivers your food to you by train 🚆Opens Daily: 11am-6amAddress: 29 Teck Chye Terrace S545730Reservation: 94870558

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We paid the restaurant a visit, because beyond the novelty of the train delivery, we wanted to give you guys the verdict on the hotpot itself.

The menu is quite conveniently pasted onto the ‘train tracks’ and on the wall for easy reference. They have a wide selection of soup bases and meats to choose from, so that you can tailor your hotpot to your personal preference.

The selection of soup bases alone leaves you spoiled for choice.

There are 10 soup bases you can choose from, ranging from spicy to herbal duck. The waiter was really helpful and personally recommended us the Herbal Duck Pot and Mushroom & Black Chicken Pot, so that’s what we tried!

The soup base is thin, but not entirely bland. Of course, as you add more ingredients to the soup, it takes on more and more rich flavour. Shi Shang Lao is pretty generous with their portions, and the soup is no exception- they refill it at regular intervals so your personal pot never runs low.

The Mushroom & Black Chicken soup base.

From the menu, you can also order from a wide variety of meats.

The ala carte proteins available for your selection.

From $8, you can order generous portions of meat. They are expertly sliced, almost paper-thin, before they reach your table fresh and ready to be cooked. You can choose from unassuming pork belly at $8, or feel high-SES and get wagyu beef or Kurobuta pork at $20 per plate.

We got the normal beef and fish, along with the wagyu beef for some extra kick.

The beef and fish arrived first.

As you can see in the photo, the portions are quite generous- the meat is stacked high on the plate in a glorious pyramid of worth it! It’s especially worth it if you share with friends, because unless you’re a huge eater, it’s unlikely that you’d finish all of it on your own.

The fish was decent- there wasn’t an overwhelmingly fishy taste. When cooked, it was mild but also tasty.
The wagyu beef, like the other raw proteins, were nicely presented.

Well, it’s pretty obvious because you pay more for a better quality meat, but the wagyu beef topped the list for us. It was delightfully fatty, had a great texture, and had that signature beefy taste. What’s more to ask, really?

On the conveyor belt that glides past every table in the restaurant, numerous ingredients are on offer for you to take and consume with ease.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

From noodles to vegetables to skewers of seafood and meat, there is a vast array of food you can choose from to supplement your hotpot meal. You will seriously be really spoilt for choice!

Each skewer (or ingredients with clips) you take from the conveyor belt is a mere $1, which is quite worth it. Skewers with a flat tip are $3 each.

The meatballs had a strong mushroom taste that went well with the meat. The flour binding the ingredients together was also an easily identifiable taste.
The squid was bouncy and is a must-have for sotong lovers.
Deep-fried beancurd/tofu. It was flavourful, a nice savoury bite.
Scallops- they were fresh, bouncy, juicy, and tasty. Definitely one of the better and more ‘worth it’ skewers we had!
Beancurd skin- a well-loved hotpot ingredient. This just takes in the rich soup and bursts in your mouth with delightful flavour. It was just really tasty and a must-have!
Beancurd/tofu skin- another ingredient you come across all the time when eating hotpot. You can cook it as long as you want to suit your preferences.
And this is my personal favourite, but I might be just biased. The mantou is fried to golden-brown perfection, crispy on the outside, but fluffy and dense on the inside.

Needless to say, we were stuffed. Beyond what’s been featured in this article, there was a lot more variety available, such as salmon, prawns, and lotus root.

Towards the end, the soup gets thick, rich, and incredibly flavourful- don’t waste it and try to drink as much as your stomach can allow!

Obviously, hotpot is always what you make of it- you have ultimate control over how your food is cooked and how you want your soup to taste. So I highly encourage you to go and have fun with it!

The staff were helpful, fast, efficient, and friendly. Along with its value-for-money food offerings, it is definitely a recommendable hotpot establishment to fulfil your hotpot needs.

Opens Daily: 11am-6am
Address: 29 Teck Chye Terrace S545730

Reservations: 94870558

They have another outlet at Chinatown which is a conveyor belt hotpot restaurant but without the train service:

Address: 325 New Bridge Road, S(088759)
Open daily from 11am-6am

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