Grab is finally introducing GrabPet

It is now more convenient for pet owners to travel around Singapore with their beloved pets.

The beta version of GrabPet launches on Wednesday (Feb 20).

With the new service, users can select GrabPet as an option- just like any other ride option on the app.

The Grab interface with the new GrabPet feature. Photo: Grab

Grab has asserted that its drivers undergo mandatory training before being registered for GrabPet. The training sessions include tips like identifying aggressive behaviour, and safety procedures for boarding and dismounting the vehicle.

Fares will start from $14. This includes foldable waterproof backseat covers and adjustable leashes in the vehicle. Vehicles are additionally outfitted with towels and air fresheners to ensure they are clean and not unpleasant-smelling for both the driver and passengers.

In response to queries by TODAY, a Grab spokesperson said that there are currently hundreds numbers of drivers trained for this program. “This number is increasing as we continue to train more driver-partners to better serve Grab passengers and their pets,” she said.

There are currently other options available, such as RydePet. However, Grab stated in its press release that “While there are existing pet transportation services on the market, most of them typically require bookings or reservations to be made in advance. With GrabPet, pet owners can book a ride on-demand, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, as long as there‚Äôs an available driver in the vicinity.”

These are the specific details on what pets you can bring on board. Photo: Grab

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