Geylang Serai bazaar to serve more traditional fare

In recent years, the Geylang Serai bazaar has become famous for its ‘hipster’ and unorthodox offerings, such as rainbow bagels and Instagrammable drinks.

The bazaar drew a staggering crowd of 1.68 million last year.

However, for this year’s rendition of the popular annual event, the focus will be more traditional. The bazaar’s main organiser, Wisma Geylang Serai, said on Thursday (Mar 28) that most of the stalls in this year’s edition will sell traditional goods related to Hari Raya and the Malay culture, and that all the food stalls will be required to sell food suitable for Muslim visitors. 

As reported by Channel NewsAsia, 60 per cent of the food stalls must offer up traditional Malay food, whereas the remaining 40 per cent are free to serve what they like, including the ‘hipster’ and ‘contemporary’ options.

“The feedback we have been getting is that (visitors) want that nostalgic feeling … It’s something that we are responding to and if what comes back is something that people like, that’s something we want moving forward,” said Dr Maliki Osman, mayor of South East District (and Senior Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs).

He added that the bazaar will be organised by theme, with different areas set aside for different purposes.

For example, there will be an area demarcated for the sale of traditional Malay kueh and a separate location with container-style shops for modern goods.

Set to take stage from May 3 to Jun 5, this year’s edition will be the first one fully coordinated by Wisma Geylang Serai, a Malay-Muslim social and cultural heritage hub.

Last year, the bazaar was jointly organised by Wisma Geylang Serai together with the Kembangan–Chai Chee and Geylang Serai grassroots organisations. 

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