Free-flow Hotpot and XLB at Chinatown

Ever have hotpot or xiao long bao (soup dumplings) cravings?

Yue Long Men Buffet at Chinatown seeks to satisfy them with their sibei worth it hotpot & xiao long bao buffet!

Starting from just $16.99 (that’s their weekday lunch pricing), you can get free flow hotpot buffet and free flow xiao long bao (xlb)!

Both the xlb and dumplings (jiao zi) are free flow at the restaurant, so you can order as much as you want to your heart’s content. Just remember to leave some room for the hotpot!

The tempting xiao long bao!
The juicy, tender meat combined with rich, hot soup- xiao long bao is to die for!
The dumplings actually ended up impressing us a lot.

Personally, the dumplings shone a lot more than the xiao long bao did. The dumplings were stuffed full of incredibly tasty, juicy minced meat. There was a perfect balance of meat and fat, making the dumpling simply delectable. On the other hand, the xlb was decent but average in comparison to the dumplings.

It’s just that the dumplings were so, so good.

Moving on to the hotpot, there is a selection of broths that you can choose from- we tried the mushroom and chicken ones. You get your own personal pots so you and your friends/family can get creative as possible!

The mushroom broth.
The clear chicken broth.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of it- the broths are pretty thin and plain initially, but after adding in the buffet ingredients, they’ll be bursting with flavour.

There is a huge variety of ingredients on offer. With regards to the meats, you can order a lot of them off the menu (and they’re free flow too). We ordered the standard beef, pork, pork belly, et cetera- but we opted to get mutton too, a decision we do not regret at all.

The spread!
Pork slices
Pork belly (yum!)
Sliced beef

The meats ordered off the menu arrive at the table pretty quickly. They are thinly sliced and pretty fresh. You can tell that they’ve been removed from the freezer and cut when you order it, rather than laying around all day.

It’s always a joy eating meat, and even more so when it’s hotpot. No complaints with the meat at all.

Most worthy of mention is the mutton. The distinctive mutton taste truly stands out when cooked in a method as simple as hotpot. Would highly recommend!

At the buffet table, there is an incredibly diverse array of ingredients available for you to choose from. Tofu, seafood, vegetables, even liver- there is no shortage of (free flow!) ingredients to enjoy.

My only complaint with Yue Long Men is that the tongs used for picking up ingredients are not separated. So the same pair of tongs could be used for seafood, meat, vegetables, et cetera. Hence, diners who have sensitive allergies to seafood might have to take caution.

There is also a selection of different types of starch, from the humble maggi mee to potato glass noodles.

Special mention goes to the potato glass noodles- they are marvellous. They are soft and delightfully chewy, a must-try for those who have never tried it.

The huge variety of things on offer truly lets you have the most fun with your hotpot. In general, dining etiquette mandates that you shouldn’t play with your food, but such a hotpot buffet really lets you personalise everything to suit your taste buds.

From eggs to a huge selection of condiments (garlic, soy sauce, XO sauce, hoisin sauce…. the list goes on), your stomach will not just be full, but your taste buds get to go on an adventure.

Here’s the thing we love most about Yue Long Men- the crazy value for money. The immense amount of food you can get for one price, whether dumplings or hotpot meat, makes the price really, really worth it.

If you need something sweet to balance your palate after a heavy and savoury dinner, they even have free-flow dessert.

Ice cream, topped with cereal and chocolate syrup for a cute little dessert!

Limpeh’s overall verdict:

This isn’t a five-star hotel buffet, but it is one of the most convenient and worth-it places to eat at.

The food is both good and affordable. Furthermore, the service is commendable- food came really quickly so we were never waiting while starving. The waiters were fast and efficient, making the dining experience both seamless and enjoyable.

All in all, Yue Long Men is a great place to enjoy hotpot with your friends and family, with a lively and warm atmosphere. The location is also incredible, with the restaurant located right next to the Chinatown MRT Exit A.

With the really reasonable prices, Yue Long Men is overall a great choice for those looking for a filling and damn-worth-it meal.

Mon-Thurs: $16.99 (Lunch) $24.99 (Dinner)
Fri, Sat, Sun & PH: $19.99 (Lunch) $26.99 (Dinner)

Child (5-10 y/o)
$9.99 (Lunch) $12.99 (Dinner)

– Prices exclude GST & Service Charge
– Dining duration: 1 Hour 40 Mins

Yue Long Men Hotpot 悦龍門火锅
Address: 75 Pagoda Street Chinatown MRT Exit A 
Opening hours: 11.30am to 11pm

Tel: 69090611


[🔥$16.99 Chinatown Hotpot & XiaoLongBao Buffet🔥] This might be the cheapest hotpot buffet we've ever found, with sibei generous food varieties… Damn Damn Worth It !!FREE-FLOW Items Include:- Xiao long bao- Dumplings- 50 x diff vege & meat- Fresh sliced beef- Fresh sliced pork- Ice cream- Hot desserts- Selected drinks- CondimentsAdultMon-Thurs: $16.99 (Lunch) $24.99 (Dinner)Fri, Sat, Sun & PH: $19.99 (Lunch) $26.99 (Dinner)Child (5-10 y/o)$9.99 (Lunch) $12.99 (Dinner)- Prices exclude GST & Service Charge- Dining duration: 1 Hour 40 MinsYue Long Men Hotpot 悦龍門火锅Address: 75 Pagoda Street Chinatown MRT Exit A Opening hours: 11.30am to 11pmTel: 69090611Talent: Sherr Ng 黃思恩

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