Customer finds eggshells in her McGriddles

A customer was happily biting into her McGriddles this morning when she encountered an unpleasant surprise.

In the midst of her maple-syrup-covered patty and McGriddle cakes, there were significant pieces of eggshell.

Photo: Mothership contributor

The customer contacted Mothership, and requesting to remain anonymous, said:

“I bit the burger and was chewing on one small piece of the eggshell. I thought it was only one small piece but when I continued eating, I found a bigger piece of it.”

She added that she did not bring up the issue with the McDonald’s staff, as it was a takeaway order.

She bought the McGriddles from a MacDonalds outlet in Woodlands this morning (March 15).

However, on Mothership’s Facebook post, many netizens dismissed the customer’s complaints as inconsequential.

Many sardonically quipped that at least it was proof that MacDonald’s used real eggs for the McGriddles rather than powdered versions.

Others said that they got eggshells often and it was not a big fuss, and the customer was perhaps making a mountain out of a molehill.

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