Boy infected with flesh-eating bacteria because of insect bites

All of us have gotten bitten by insects. It’s an ordinary thing, and the itchy bites usually fade away in a few days.

But not always.

A young Singaporean boy, Imraan Danish, was hospitalised for over a month due to an infection that stemmed from insect bites.

In a Facebook post on January 17, Imraan’s mother, Juliana Hisyam, shared her family’s ordeal in order to raise awareness amongst parents with young children.

It started with a small insect bite. However, it became a small open wound, most likely due to Imraan scratching it or some other reason. The open wound was then infected by a flesh-eating bacteria known as Group A Streptococcus. According to the post, the bacteria was life-threatening and would have eventually destroyed his body. Imraan was in intensive care for 14 days, but survived.

The post has garnered 1.8k shares.

On the bright side, things seem to be looking up for the boy. Apart from a leg that still needs monitoring, the rest of his body is healing. On January 19, Juliana Hisyam posted an update on the boy’s condition, where he was happily able to return home for a while and meet his friends and teachers before going back to the hospital for further treatment.

According to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Bacteria called group A Streptococcus (group A strep) can cause many different infections. These infections range from minor illnesses to very serious and deadly diseases.”

This particular bacteria is often found on the skin or throat, and usually cause minor illnesses like strep throat. On rare occasions, the bacteria can cause rare and life-threatening diseases.

So parents, if you see any normal bite or whatever that bites your little ones, please consult a doc or straight to Children’s Emergency. Don’t be like me. I thought it was just a normal bite. A normal bite, could have lost your loved ones. Any symptoms like having a high fever or develop rashes or lost of appetite, please do not delay & consult a doc. Best to go Children’s Emergency coz in hospital, docs will do blood test & all. Prevention is better than cure. 

Juliana Hisyam, warning other parents about the potential dangers in her post

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