Bosses of Good Year Local Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball enter retirement

Limpeh just saw this sad sad news on the newspaper. Okay before you judge, yes limpeh admit limpeh still reads the newspaper. It’s macham a habit, very hard to change.

But limpeh don’t know why limpeh cannot trust the newspaper, so decided to go facebook and see true a not. When i log in to Good Year Chicken Rice Ball’s facebook page hor, my bak sai (tears) immediately flow out liao.

Cb, they really closing down. But then ok lor, Boss Uncle & Auntie want to retire liao. Let them enjoy their life lor, cannot always stay inside this stall cook chicken rice. Must 二人世界 enjoy life a bit mah, travel a bit or something.

Then limpeh move on to read the comments, wah this first comment sibei grief-stricken:

No matter how sad limpeh is, limpeh still will move on. Limpeh will always remember the good old days, queueing up at the stall for this sibei tokgong no one can replace chicken rice ball in Singapore.

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