Billionare Peter Lim’s daughter denies involvement in Seungri scandal

The scandal involving Big Bang K-pop star Seungri has ensnared attention around the world, implicating famous figures such as fellow K-pop star Lee Jong-hyun, of CNBLUE.

Kim Lim, daughter of famous Singaporean billionare Peter Lim (to jog your memory, he’s the guy who owns the Valencia football team), is one of the people whose names have come up.

Last Saturday, in an interview with Korean daily Chosun Ilbo, former BigBang singer Seungri denied that he had asked his staff to procure prostitutes for foreign investors at nightclub Arena.

Referring to one message, he clarified that he was looking only for women to hang out with a woman named “Kimmy”.

He said she was the “daughter of a Singapore-born owner of a well-known football club” and a long-time friend of his.

A few days ago, her name appeared again in an interview with Seungri’s lawyer.

“The reports say Seungri spoke to Mr. Kim to prepare a place at Club Arena and invite women for ‘A,’ who is from Taiwan, and her party,” and “The ‘A’ here is a long-time (female) friend of Seungri and is Singaporean. She has no connection to Seungri’s businesses whatsoever, and her occupation has nothing to do with investments either. There were misunderstandings that ‘A’ was an investor in Burning Sun, but that is not true.”

“‘A’ was in Korea on holiday but as Seungri was in Nagoya for a concert, he was unable to look after her. So through Mr. Kim, he wanted to introduce her to a female travel companion to shop with her while she was in Seoul.”

Son Byung Ho, Seungri’s legal representative, spoke with News1 for an exclusive interview on March 21.

Many speculated that ‘A’ was in fact Kim Lim as she fit the description. She is a known friend of Seungri and even got the Big Bang hit ‘Fantastic Baby’ to play during a Valencia match.

However, she has stepped forward to clarify that she was not involved in the scandal.

Screenshot from Kim Lim’s Instagram account (@kimlimhl)

In short, she clarified that yes, she was at Club Arena having fun with her friends and Seungri had helped them get a table; however, she denied having knowledge of, or participating in, any criminal activity.

The scandals began in January 2019 when a Burning Sun (a club that Seungri is associated with) customer said he was assaulted by staff, triggering further reports linking artists to illegal acts, from the unconsented taping of women to sexual bribery.

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