10,000 suitors competing for durian seller’s daughter

It sounds like it’s straight out of a strange fairy tale, but it’s true- 10,000 men are willing to prove themselves in order to wed a Thai durian seller’s daughter.

Durian seller, Anont Rotthong has offered 10 million baht (S$425,000) and his durian empire to anyone who will win his daughter’s heart. It’s an offer few men would refuse, and thus have been doggedly attempting to contact Rotthong.

“Stop calling me, I haven’t had time to rest,” wrote the 58-year-old durian trader in a March 5 Facebook post.

His daughter, Kansita Rotthong, seems to be alright with the idea of her father marrying her off in such a manner. She is reportedly an accounting degree holder from both Thai and Chinese universities, and now helps out with the family business.

In an interview, she said that “i just want a good man.”

She further specified that ““I’m not picky. I only want a man that I can bring to social events and take selfies with,” the China-educated businesswoman said. “I’m not very good-looking myself, so I’m okay with any appearance.” in response to reporters’ questions.

The 26-year-old Kansita Rotthong.

Anont Rotthong even set a tournament date for those who wished to win his daughter’s hand.

Let’s all meet on April 1. Pack all your clothes and necessities, and be prepared to stay and work in my durian plantation for three months.
If there is more than one of you left (after the three months), we will extend (the stint) for another three months… until there is only one man left.

Rotthong, in a Facebook post.

Unfortunately, the tournament has since then been called off due to the overwhelming response, giving rise to speculation that it was a marketing gimmick. However, the fruit businessman said that he still intends to give the massive sum to whoever proved himself worthy of his daughter’s hand.

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